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Business Intelligence

Use your data to your advantage

Data and information are the basis for every decision. We provide you with access to the required data as well as its evaluation and visualization.

Work Data-Driven

Using a business intelligence (BI) platform you can efficiently collect and analyze data to make better informed decisions. The integration of various data sources enables you to gain valuable insights and discover new opportunities. We offer a cloud-based business intelligence platform and assist you in seamlessly connecting and preparing data for your dashboards and reports.

Data Management

Data and information should be the basis of every decision you make. Data management enables you to analyze data faster, optimize business processes, and meet regulatory requirements. Effective data management allows you to store, organize, secure, and monitor your data throughout the whole lifecycle.

Data Lake & Data Warehouse

A data lake or data warehouse centralizes the data for your BI tool. We extract the relevant data from various sources and ingest it into the data lake or data warehouse. In the process, we clean and prepare the data so you can analyze it.

Data Analytics

Data analytics leverages the full potential of your data to gain a competitive advantage and to accelerate your business. We provide you with a data analytics platform containing the relevant data sources so you can analyze trends, create predictions, or do statistical analysis.

Visualization & Reporting

People absorb visual information much faster than textual information. We help you design meaningful data visualizations and interactive dashboards in Power BI, which enables you to make data‑driven decisions and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). We get you started with Power BI and ensure the availability of qualitative data. The self-service BI platform enables you to analyze data independently of your IT.

Data Catalog

The compliance of your data is becoming increasingly important, especially with regulatory requirements and data governance needs. The data catalog collects information about your data in the form of metadata. This means that your data is always discoverable, traceable, and documented. We offer a centralized data catalog, so you always have a clear view of your organization’s data.

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