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Microsoft Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud

We focus on cloud technologies and host your applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The flexible pricing model enables the use of scalable services without upfront investment. Thanks to Microsoft Azure, we can implement, deploy and host your applications faster and more cost-effectively. At the same time, you retain control over your data and applications.


Storage Services

Azure Storage Services offer the necessary flexibility and scalability for your data structure. You determine the geographical location where your data is stored. Here are some of the services we offer:

Azure Blob Storage

Blob Storage

Object storage for unstructured data with role-based access control and encryption.

Azure SQL Databases


Flexible scaling of SQL databases in the cloud with structured data.

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB

Fast access via APIs to NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB) with partially structured data.


Integration Services

Azure Integration Services integrate data and applications into the cloud. This enables the automation of workflows and the transfer of data between applications in real time. Azure Integration Services provide an efficient and flexible way to automate business processes. Here are some of the services we offer:

Azure API-Management


Manage, monitor, deploy, and protect application programming interfaces (APIs).

Azure Data Factory

Data Factory

Extract data with low code from various sources, transform and load it into the target system (ETL).

Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps

Automate workflows and integrate business processes with low code.

Azure Event Grid

Event Grid

Transfer events from the source system to the target system and process them in real time (publish/subscribe).


Analytics Services

Azure offers various analytics services to collect, process and analyze data. This allows your company to make better business decisions and identify trends from data. Thanks to flexible scaling, even large data volumes are no problem. Here are some of the services we offer:

Azure Data Lake

Data Lake

Collect, store, and analyze large amounts of data.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Synapse Analytics

Big Data and Analytics service with seamless integration for data management.

Azure Data Catalog

Data Catalog

Easily discover and document data sources for better data management.


Computation Services

With Azure Computation Services, applications can be deployed and scaled without having to worry about infrastructure management. The services provide high reliability and security for hosting data and applications. Here are some of the services we offer:

Azure App Services

App Services

Platform for hosting web apps, mobile apps, and APIs.

Azure Functions


Deploy application functionality as event-driven microservices with high scalability and availability.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes Service

Deploy and scale container applications easily.

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