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Custom Software

Develop your own idea with a custom software solution available on any device.

Software Development

A custom software application covers all your needs and adapts to your processes, giving you a competitive advantage. We develop modern and affordable software applications using cloud and low code technologies.

Web Applications

A web application allows you to access and process data anywhere, anytime. We design web applications responsively to provide an optimal user experience across different devices. We plan, develop, run and maintain your web application throughout the whole lifecycle.

Mobile Applciations

Mobile applications help employees and customers in the field communicate and act more rapidly by having relevant data at their fingertips. We build your mobile application and implement additional capabilities such as offline usage or push notifications.

Azure Cloud & Swiss Hosting

Azure Cloud Schweiz
Swiss made software

We use Azure Cloud with Swiss data centers for the hosting of our solutions. For highly sensitive data, we partner with companies that are 100% based in Switzerland.

Low Code Applications

Low code development is revolutionizing the way we create and deploy applications. Low code platforms make it easier to develop flexible solutions that adapt quickly to changing business requirements without having to rewrite the code from scratch, at a fraction of the cost.

Business Applications

Break free from ever-expanding Excel files that cause you headache. Replace old processes with a modern application that offers swift and secure data access. With low code development, you can craft business applications at a fraction of the cost, ensuring rapid deployment and easy adaptability.

Customer Portals

If you want to become more customer centric, a web‑based customer portal is the perfect solution. You can communicate with customers more effectively and share information and documents through a secure portal. This will not only improve customer satisfaction but also reduce your email inbox.

Power Plattform

Power Apps

We use Power Apps and Power Pages on Microsoft Power Platform for low code development.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Your custom CRM solution

CRM solutions simplify your marketing and sales process. With Dynamics 365 Sales you can manage your contacts and prospects more effectively and automate activities to increase sales. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales provides a standard CRM solution which is built on the Power Platform. The CRM can be fully customized to your needs and provides automation and analytics.


Did you know?

SMEs can use Dynamics 365 Sales for up to 5 users without licensing costs. We'll show you how it works. Contact us for a free consultation.

Sharepoint Online


Document Management System (DMS)

Document management systems help you find, edit and share documents more easily. We provide SharePoint Online as a standard solution and customize it to your needs or develop a custom solution with more advanced search and automation capabilities.

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