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Process Management

Process management involves the design, optimization and automation of business processes, improving efficiency and ensuring quality. We offer various solutions for documenting, modeling and automating your business processes using Flowframe and Power Automate and artificial intelligence (AI).

Process Automation

Manual and recurring tasks can be automated to increase efficiency and save resources. Process automation ensures the consistent execution of business processes across departments.


Workflow automation ensures a consistent flow of tasks in a process. Using Power Automate you can create your own workflows to send emails, notifications and approvals. We help you get started with Power Automate and implement more advanced automation scenarios.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using robotic process automation (RPA) you can automate specific tasks on your personal machine or in the cloud. RPA helps you automate manual tasks and integrate legacy solutions which can only be accessed from your machine. We offer Power Automate with desktop flows to automate recurring tasks.

Power Automate

Power Automate

Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps

In addition to Power Automate, we implement more advanced scenarios with Azure Logic Apps.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We bring artificial intelligence (AI) to your workflows to further optimize processes. You can automatically detect patterns in text or images with the standard AI models of Power Platform AI‑Builder. We can even build your own AI model for more complex automations or integrate large language models like ChatGPT into your solution.


Speed up onboarding and enhance knowledge transfer by visualizing your business processes with standards like BPMN. We offer Flowframe to model and document business processes. With Flowframe, process models can be viewed, modified and published across your entire organization ensuring standardization and improving quality.

Flowframe Demo

Get in touch with us for a demo and pricing.

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