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Efficient timetable management at the Five business school thanks to low-code solution

The Wirtschaftsschule Five (WSF) has stood for excellent training for years and offers exciting further education in several Swiss cantons. However, this significant growth brought with it new challenges, particularly in planning the timetables and managing the workloads of the lecturers. In order to meet these requirements, we were able to implement an innovative digital solution together with the WSF.

The challenge

As the number of students and lecturers increased, the manual planning of timetables became increasingly time-consuming and error-prone. Managing lecturers' workloads also presented a significant challenge, as it required precise and efficient handling.

The solution

The answer to these challenges was the development of a customized low-code app on the Power Platform. This solution makes it possible to automate many process steps, thereby saving time and resources. The low-code app is not only lean and cost-effective, but also offers the flexibility to integrate and implement future digital requirements.

The results

The implementation of the new digital solution was a complete success. The first timetables have already been successfully planned and managed via the platform. This automation has not only increased efficiency, but also improved accuracy and increased lecturer satisfaction.

Customer feedback

Wirtschaftsschule Five is excited about the possibilities offered by the new low-code app. It not only makes daily work easier, but also creates a solid foundation for further digitization steps.

"A big thank you to the Workframe team for the collaboration and the pleasant partnership. We look forward to more great projects. We can recommend Workframe AG to everyone!" - Patrick Ochsner, Head of School WSF


The digitization of timetable and workload management at the Five business school is an impressive example of how customized digital solutions can help increase efficiency and improve workflows. With the low-code app on the Power Platform, WSF is well prepared for the future and can continue to grow and develop.


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